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N.D Tiwari quits Governorship, leaves for “greener pastures” to LA.

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Originally Published on December 26, 2009:

Written by SD:

The Andhra Pradesh Governor handed in his resignation today, and left to Los Angeles to pursue his childhood dream. “It has been an emotional couple of days for him”, said a close associate. “Ever since he was a child, he dreamt of being a porn exhibitionist. But such is the nature of life, that he found himself in the unsavoury world of politics.”

In quite the opposite of what happened to Tiger Woods, the sex scandal has given Tiwari (who legally changed his name to Towery “xxx” McFeast today) a new lease of life, even at the death (but not gravity) defying age of 86.

Tiwari cited “stifling creativity”, and “could not concentrate on my life’s calling”, as reasons for his resignation. “He does not want to be in a place that judges him for having a foursome with pregnant and barely adult women while in the highest public office. Which is why he has moved to the porn industry in LA. Men doing men, women doing women while men watch, he has an endless choice of roles. He wants to be part of the niche “mature fetish” segment. Besides, he craves the production value that a professional adult movie brings to the table, which is why he chose LA.”, said the associate, his face brimming with the pride a father feels when his son finally makes it in life.

“He was a freedom fighter, and now he’s fighting for a different kind of freedom. A freedom of expression of one’s sexuality. I look forward to the day he finally achieves his dream of making a 14 hour bondage sex-tape with midgets and goats.”, he continued, now fighting back tears.

It was further reported that once Towery has achieved his lifelong dream, he hopes to move into mainstream cinema under the directorship of Roland Emmerich. “Or Michael Bay”, added the associate.

The Future Face of the Grand-adult movie industry.


Written by sirkapyaaz

December 26, 2009 at 3:01 PM

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