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AIDS Awareness Ads to be Modelled on Swine Flu Awareness Ads.

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Written by SD:

January 17, 2010:

The Health Ministry, Government of India, is planning to use the basic idea behind the successful Swine Flu awareness ads to bolster it’s AIDS awareness campaign. “Our research showed that the swine flu ads were well received and got the result that we wanted. One of the ads actually won various accolades. I’m sure you remember the ad with this man on a bus. He is about to sneeze, and the other passengers hold back and try to move away, but he takes out and uses his handkerchief just in time. The passengers then clap to acknowledge the job well done. And who can forget the other ad, where a kid has fever, so he does not come out to play. The other kids start clapping in support of his decision not to risk spreading the swine flu”, said a proud nodal officer, in charge of delivery of the ads.

“We now plan to bring that creativity into the AIDS campaign. One of the ads has a man going to work, attending meetings, having lunch and going back home. As he enters his house, a group of people assemble outside and start clapping in appreciation of the fact that he was cautious enough not to take part in gang bangs or have unprotected anal sex with multiple male and female prostitutes during the course of the day.”, continued the officer, looking into his notes.

“Another ad in the pipeline has a couple about to have sex when the man takes out a condom and starts unwrapping it. A bunch of people enter the room just as he is about to ejaculate and start applauding the fact that he is using a condom. Or the other one, where we have a drug addict about to get his next heroin fix. He begins to heat the heroin and filter it. He then takes out a fresh needle and discards a used one. At this point, a group of proud citizens enter the room and start clapping and congratulating him on his awareness that used needles can spread AIDS”, concluded the officer, giving us a glimpse of the future of Government creativity.


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Written by sirkapyaaz

January 17, 2010 at 3:42 PM

Posted in National, Society/Life

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