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Mayawati’s Media Manager Issues Clarification.

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Mayawati’s new media manager today issued a clarification regarding the Rs. 200 crores that was spent to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of BSP.

“This is a major and unnecessary misunderstanding. We meant to say ‘crows’, not ‘crores'” said the P.R guy, referring to the black coloured passarine bird that is often used in movies as being associated with the devil. “This is pretty embarassing for you guys, huh? ‘Crow’ is completely different from ‘crore'” continued the dipshit, pointing out the difference between a black bird of the Corvidae family and a number that is equivalent to 1 followed by 7 zeros.

“So I hope that clarifies things. The country need not think of us as extravagant. That is all” concluded the little fuck. When we pointed out that the sentence – ‘BSP will be spending 200 crows to celebrate their anniversary’ doesn’t make sense, he just laughed sheepishly and ran off the stage.

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Written by sirkapyaaz

March 21, 2010 at 10:28 AM

Posted in National, Politics

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