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IPL Shit Really Fucked Up

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By our Bullitzer prize winning journalist, who doesn’t really finish up on the articles that he starts:

The ridiculous, overhyped, nonsensical debauchery that is the IPL was embroiled in another controversy after a whole bunch of fucked up shit happened. It was  reported that the shit was really fucked up.  “Shit is still fucked up” said an insider who didn’t want to associate himself with this fucked up shit.

The controversy started after Lalit Modi, Founding Asshole of the IPL fucked things up by revealing the shady shareholding pattern of the Kochi IPL team owned by Rendezvous Sports World (RSW) on Twitter. Modi also said that those RSW fucks forced them to cancel and postpone the auction which they later went on to win. “I don’t know why I didn’t do shit then. But that’s not the point, you fucks. The point is that I brought this up now. There’s some real shady shit going on with RSW and Tharoor. I mean, he’s not supposed to have any stake in the franchise but he somehow manages to get his bitch in as a shareholder. Sharad Pawar is up my ass man. Lot of big fuckers put a lot of weight and money behind the other bids, but these assholes won. What the fuck am I supposed to tell them?” lisped  a distraught Modi in his trademark Airtel lisp. His Airtel lisp is registered under the Trademarks Act, 1999. Readers will note that Modi recently sold the rights to his lisp for a record sum but continues to use it illegally.

RSW then went on the offensive by calling Lalit Modi a “deranged fuck who’s always peddling crack, even as we speak” and then demanding that he must necessarily be fair and disclose the fucked up shit of every other team. The shit got even more fucked up after the entire country started wanking off to this controversy. Fucked up updates kept streaming in throughout the day, with each update being more fucked up than the previous one. Pretty soon, it was revealed that this shit was in the realm of fucked up-ness soon after RSW won the bid for Kochi. Apparently, Pawar and a bunch of other big assholes threatened to fuck the shit out of RSW if they did not fuck off from the IPL. But they told Pawar to fuck off,  and that was when Pawar told his bitch Modi to set things straight.  The fucked up-ness hit epic levels after Dawood Ibrahim sent Tharoor a message to “fuck off, or else <he will> fucking kill <Tharoor>.”

“Don’t talk shit about me, you fuck. Your family owns a bunch of IPL teams indirectly. What the fuck do you have to say to that?” said Tharoor, off the record from an undisclosed location at a 43 acre farm house off NH-36, 23 Km east of the 4th exit.

“Modi has a point. But Tharoor did nothing wrong as per the law. Bitches don’t come under the definition of  ‘relative’ under any law, so he’s cool I guess. And RSW did the right thing by demanding to know the shareholding of other teams, because its common knowledge that some big fuckers routed a bunch of their black money through these franchises. It’s also quite obvious that the brilliant chartered accountants of our country structured each transaction to ensure that no one knew shit about anything.” said some big ass lawyer guy.

“I mean, look at the shareholding of this <name withheld> IPL team. It’s owned by Big Sports Ltd, of which 22% is owned by Big Sports Mauritius Inc. But their Board is controlled by Big Sports Cayman Inc. I mean, how fucked up is that? Worse, Big Sports Cayman will have a controlling stake in Big Sports directly but only after a vesting period of 5 years is complete. At which point, there would be a reverse merger between Big Sports Ltd and Big Sports Cayman, which will then sell their shares to Sports Big Mauritius. The chain will finally be complete when Radical Sports Inc demerges itself with Rakhi Sawant and takes over the Preferred equity of Big Sports Inc. Almost every investment from Mauritius is from a politician, I can assure you that.” continued the lawyer dude. “But coming back to Modi’s indirect stake, it’s actually quite simple. All he needs to do to is marry his son in law and half the shares of Kings XI Punjab would come under his name. Its that simple.”

“This news is like a fucking bonanza” said Rajesh Nanem as he masturbated to the Breaking News. When we asked him what he thought of the CRPF incident, he said “CRPF? You mean the Cochin…Rangers?? I don’t know the full form..oh wait, what’s the full form of the Cochin team?”

We can only hope that this fucked up shit gets less fucked up soon, or else the IPL would go to the dogs.

In other news, some cyclone or some shit hit some place in India and a bunch of people died.


Written by sirkapyaaz

April 15, 2010 at 11:34 AM

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