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India Pulls Out of Commonwealth Games

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The Commonwealth Games took yet another massive hit today after India announced that it would no longer be fielding a contingent for the event. The host country’s officials said that they were “not satisfied with the accommodation, not to mention the security arrangements” and were “worried for the safety, security and health of [their] athletes”

“We are disappointed with the overall quality of everything,” said Suresh Kalmadi, Chairman of the Organizing Committee in charge of the Indian contingent. “Seriously, I can’t believe how untidy the rooms were at the Games Village. Some of the beds even had dog footprints on them,” added the politician. “Not just that. The security arrangements are shocking. There’s dengue all around and structures keep collapsing. We are also worried about possible terror attacks. This is why we have decided to pull out of the games and go to Switzerland to reassess the situation in a relaxed environment. The athletes will be sent back home so they can spend time with their loved ones.”

“Yeah, it’s pretty disappointing,” said an Indian athlete whose name we didn’t know. “I guess I’ll have to go back home now,” he continued, referring to the malaria infested maoist village he had to go back to.

The Commonwealth games have been plagued by desertions over the last few weeks. A long list of athletes who no one had ever heard of but who were apparently medal contenders pulled out, days before the event is scheduled to commence. But the news of the host country’s withdrawal came as a great shock because this would mean the loss of a contingent of 800 athletes and 15000 officials.

What makes it even more disappointing is that the Indian contingent, which was originally aiming “for third place in the medals table,” was tipped to sweep the medals tally after most of the other countries pulled out.

Not all is lost however. Some teams that were originally dissatisfied with the living arrangements found the new Games Village situated inside Maurya Sheraton acceptable.

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Written by sirkapyaaz

September 24, 2010 at 10:11 AM

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