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Nobel Prize For Physics Awarded to ‘Human Beings’

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Stockholm, 12 October 2012 :

Minutes after the European Union was awarded this year’s Nobel Peace Prize, the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences announced that this years Nobel Prize for Physics was awarded to human beings. The Nobel Committee said that human beings received the award for their efforts to “expand the horizons of science and our understanding of the world for the last 4000 years”.

“It only makes perfect sense” said Ingemar Lundstrom, the Chairman of the Nobel Committee for Physics. “We noted that, from pre-historic civilizations to modern society, human beings were the biggest contributors towards our understanding of the world. And not just the scientists, but humanity as a whole. Right from the guy who delivers pizza to the research facility, to the CEO of the company that manufactures printers used in the scientists homes, humans from every walk of life have contributed to unraveling the mysteries of the Universe” he continued.

“As opposed to fish, none of which even has a PhD despite having been in existence for longer than human beings” explained Mr. Lundstrom. “We thank the Peace Prize Committee for making our job easier after they picked 27 countries as the winner. I also think this award is an opportunity for all human beings to feel a little better about their pathetic lives”

“I was snubbed for this year’s Physics Prize despite my breakthrough in particle physics. But I guess since the prize was awarded to human beings, I am a winner too” said a visibly upset Dr. Thomas Jones. “Yay” he added.

Human beings, with their large brains, were favorites to win this year’s Physics Prize. However, the award comes as a surprise at a time when human stupidity threatens to overtake human ingenuity as the key driver of civilization.


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October 12, 2012 at 4:05 PM

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